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Holistic  Therapy

Holistic Therapies consider the whole person - body, mind, spirit and emotions - in the quest for optimal health and wellness.

Holistic Therapy can improve the functioning of all body systems and organs; relieves muscular tension, alleviates mental fatigue, eases stress and anxiety, enables deep relaxation and increases overall feelings of well being.

Holistic  Menu

Shamanic Reiki Therapy

75 mins - 120

Shamanic Reiki is a specialized healing service that combines the principles of shamanismand reiki.

This practice focuses on restoring harmony and balance in the mind, body, and spirit.

Shamanic reiki practitioners use various techniques like sound, spiritual guides and visualization quests

to facilitate the healing process.

This approach is particularly helpful for those seeking a holistic approach to healing

that addresses not only physical symptoms but also emotional and spiritual imbalances.

 Shamanic Reiki Massage

60 mins - 100

This beautiful combination session of shamanic reiki and therapeutic massage

can provide a wide range of benefits for both the mind and body.

Shamanic Reiki focuses on balancing and learning the body's energy pathways,

while massage can help to release tension and knots in the muscles.

This therapeutic duo can help to improve the flow of energy and serenity throughout the body,

leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, rejuvenated, and balanced both physically and energetically.

Add a 15 minute Indian Head Massage for $25

Cord Cutting 

60 mins - 100

Cord cutting is the Shamanic ceremony used to release the ties binding you to a past relationship.

This therapeutic tool is used to release the weight of a toxic, stressful or grief-filled relationship

in order to reset, renew or release your energetic ties with the individual involved.

Our goal of this therapeutic tool is to release with grace and loving kindness,

to walk you forward into a space of peace, calm and support.

Indian Head Massage

30 mins - 60

A firm, but gentle, massage relaxes the scalp, relieves headaches and eyestrain and provides a deep sense of relaxation.

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