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 Winter Edition

Winter at the Benmiller Inn & Spa on the banks of the Maitland River


Benmiller Inn & Spa on the banks of the Maitland River

 is the ultimate backdrop

for an idyllic getaway this Spring. 

Whether you’re looking to be out with nature

or a relaxing getaway,

take time to connect with each other

and with nature  in the beautiful surroundings

of Huron County’s Hidden Gem. 


With the cold temperatures and short days, this is the time to enjoy an array of resort activities,

from a swim in our indoor swimming pool,

relaxing in our hot tub and sauna,

to being pampered by a Spa treatment.

When the evening draws in, settle in Jonathon’s Lounge with the monthly signature cocktail in hand.


Fight the Winter Blues at the Benmiller Inn & Spa.


What's Included:


Indulge in a multiple-night stay this season at the Inn.

The first night starts at $126 

and then a 30% discount off the next night's room rate 

and an additional 50% room rate discount

for additional nights.

Swim, sauna or spa, the choice is yours.

Enjoy a hearty breakfast in the Ivey Dining Room

before heading out to explore Huron County.

Call 1-800-265-1711 to book your stay.

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Hollow 1.jpg
Hollow 1.jpg

Are you thinking of a Winter Retreat

for your business?

We offer the ideal spot for your team

to discuss the topics at hand

while resting, relaxing and enjoying

the amenities of the Inn.



Were you familiar with the Benmiller Inn in 1974?

If you have been a guest at the Benmiller Inn over the years and have pictures, we would love to see. The older, the better.

We would like to have an ongoing slide show of Benmiller Inn's past.

Contact the Inn at 519-524-2191 for more information.

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