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Massage Oils

Thai Inspired  Services

The ancient healing practice of Thai Massage dates back to around 2500-7000 years ago.

Thai Massage uses gentle pressure and stretching techniques to relax the whole body.

Thai Massage treatments have many health benefits, from lowering stress to relieving muscular tension.

It can even increase energy.

Thai  Inspired  Services

Thai Massage (Non-RMT)

60 mins - 120

Traditional Thai Massage rarely uses oils or lotions. The client remains clothed during the session. There will be constant body contact between the practitioner and the client. Rather than rubbing the muscles the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked in the order to clear energy blockages and relieve tension. The practitioner uses thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet to create movement of the body of the recipient.  During the Thai massage the joints are opened, muscles and tendons are stretched, internal organs are toned. The overall effect is one of deep relaxation and rejuvenation. This treatment is recommended for clients who like a deep massage.

 Thai Relaxation Massage (Non-RMT)

60 mins - 120

Combination of Thai Massage and Relaxation Massage.

Thai Oil Massage (Non-RMT)

60 mins - 120

Thai Oil Massage is about giving deep pressure with gliding, rolling and stretching movements using the palms, thumbs, elbow and knees in combination with the application of warm oil.

Hot Stem Massage (Non-RMT)

60 mins - 135

Herbal Compresses are heated and applied to the body in gentle rolling pressing movements.

Authentic Thai Hot Stem Massage (Non-RMT)

60 mins - 160

An ancient system of healing modalities including Acupressure, Lymphatic Drainage, and Thai Massage. Herbal compresses are heated and applied to the body in gentle rolling and pressing movements.


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